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1-day online workshop

Working with the client's highest capacity in ISTDP: on depression

Julie Cochrane presents via Zoom for Portugal.

Working with the client's highest capacity in ISTDP: on depression

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24/06, 09:00 – 15:00 WEST

1-day online workshop

Sobre o evento

Welcome to this 1st part of a 2-part workshop (videotape case presentation included) with Julie Cochrane (and Johannes Ermagan, in the 2nd part) on ISTDP and the Graded Format. 

In this day (1st part), Julie Cochrane will be showing how to work with patients in repression, where patients avoid mixed feelings by turning anger inwards and suffer symptoms such as depression, weepiness, and somatisation. We will see how to work at the patient's threshold to restructure the regressive defenses and build capacity to experience mixed feelings without undue anxiety. 

Julie Cochrane is a Clinical Psychologist who has trained extensively in ISTDP, introducing it to Australia, and has taught and supervised therapists in Australia and internationally. She is the Director of Dynamic Psychotherapy in Melbourne Australia which has 26 therapists fully trained, or in training, in ISTDP.

Fee - only this 1st part

Until the 10th of June (2022) - 120€          

After the 10th of June (2022) - 140€

Fee - the 2 parts (whole workshop)

Until the 10th of June (2022) - 200€          

After the 10th of June (2022) - 240€

No refunding will be possible after the 10th of June.

(Desconto de 50% para quem trouxer um novo participante português/brasileiro)

Language - English

Adressed to:

Psychotherapists of all approaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and final year students in these areas.

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