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quarta, 14/06


details of the venue coming soon

Pre-Core training

An in person, but also online, workshop in Lisbon for those who want to learn more about the basic ISTDP skills throught an intensive 3 day immersive training that will forecast a little of what will be a 3 year Core-training.

Pre-Core training
Pre-Core training

Horário e local

14/06/2023, 10:00 WEST – 15/06/2023, 17:00 WEST

details of the venue coming soon, Lisboa, Portugal

Sobre o evento

This is a three-day workshop for mental health professionals seeking an introduction to the theory and practise of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). 

This workshop will cover the basic theory of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with a specific focus on the skills required to begin implementing ISTDP in your therapeutic work. In addition to didactic lectures, you will watch videotapes that illustrate the specific theory and techniques that you are learning and participate in skills-building exercises to practise these techniques. We will cover forming a therapeutic alliance, The Triangle of Conflict and the Triangle of Person, establishing an intrapsychic conflict, diagnosing and regulating anxiety, an introduction to defence work, assessing strengths and capacities, facilitating the experience of emotions, psychodiagnosing your patient in order to specifically tailor ISTDP for them and identifying patients for whom ISTDP is contraindicated. We will also talk about solitary deliberate practice and its role in significantly improving skills, expertise, and outcome in psychotherapy, and the process of video-recording your therapy sessions. 

The workshop is designed for mental health practitioners who would like more understanding of the skills and techniques involved in the practice of ISTDP as a precursor to beginning a three-year core training program and also for those practitioners who would like more skill in practising ISTDP but who want more exposure to the method before committing to a three-year Core Training. Readings will be assigned on successful application to the workshop so that you will have a familiarity with the basic theory of ISTDP before attending the workshop. The fee for the three-day workshop is EUR 800.00. A deposit of EUR 400.00 of the fee is payable on application for the workshop with the balance payable by 23 June 2023. Until one month before the workshop, 50% of the fee will be refunded if you withdraw from the training. Less than one month before the workshop there are no refunds, but you may request a transfer to the next three-day workshop. 

This workshop will be taught by Johannes Ermagan, a Licensed Psychologist, ISTDP Therapist and Supervisor. In addition to working almost a decade in Adult Psychiatry, Johannes has his own private practice. He lectures and trains in ISTDP in Sweden and internationally, and is in charge of ISTDP training within government-funded psychiatry. Johannes has undergone Core Training in Sweden with Tobias Nordqvist and Peter Lilliengren, and has participated in Advanced supervision and training under Jon Frederickson over the past 7 years and attended several trainings with Allan Abbass, Jon Frederickson, Joel Town, and Patricia Coughlin If you wish to apply for the Introductory Workshop in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, please request and complete the application form and return it with your deposit. 

You can contact Ruby - - in order to do that or to require any further information.

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