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Below are some of the recommended websites of featured teachers and therapists, as well as professional organisations governing the use of ISTDP.

ISTDP Institute – This website features great free and paid skill-building exercises, DVDs, articles, and other resources to better learn ISTDP. It is run by Jon Frederickson, MSW. He is co-chair of the ISTDP Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry where he has been on the faculty since 1988.  He was previously chair of the Supervision Training Program and the Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program at the Washington School of Psychiatry as well as chair of their Faculty Clinical Council.


International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association – The IEDTA and its psychotherapist members are dedicated to the practice, research, and dissemination of Experiential Dynamic Therapies (EDTs).  EDTs are psychodynamic in orientation and emphasize the importance of healthy emotional experience in fostering deep, lasting, and rapid therapeutic change. This site contains information about EDTs and about the IEDTA for therapists and interested laypeople.

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